About Us

BlaqOrigin MMP (BOMMP) and Tech TV (TTV) is proud to present Ghana’s Maiden and Premium Technology and Innovation Dialogue, Exhibition and Awards Scheme dubbed the Ghana Tech and Innovation Week. The Ghana Tech and Innovation week is the first ever premium world of technology event experience to first showcase and then promote excellence in mainstream technology solutions and innovations readily and widely accepted in Ghana as well as recognize, honor, celebrate and promote Tech leaders, Tech enthusiasts, Tech influencers, Tech professionals, Tech entrepreneurs, Tech Institutions, Innovators and Corporate organizations, who are taking the lead in spurring and enhancing technology innovation as pace setters and enabling digital transformation in selected Ghanaian industries.


Africa is closely watched as the next big growth market – a description that has persisted for a while. There are many reasons for optimism: the African continent is home to some of the youngest populations in the world, it promises to be a major consumption market over the next three decades, and it is increasingly mobile phone enabled. An emerging digital ecosystem is particularly crucial as multiplier of that growth because access to smart phones and other devices enhances consumer information, networking, job-creating resources, and even financial inclusion (Harvard Business Review, 2019).

However, it is no news that with the fast advancement in technology, Africa still has a lot of work to do in terms of catching up. Nevertheless, African countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, and South Africa have taken the lead in using technology to transform their countries. Many young tech innovators in Ghana are very skilled in hardware and software development yet they do not go farther than recognition from foreign and some local NGOs that provide support for incubation and acceleration for these innovators in Technology. But how far do Ghanaian tech products go in Ghana?

The access to funding and market for made in Ghana tech products still have a major gap that needs to be closed. There is also the need for the creation of a national agenda for tech and innovation in Ghana clearly spelt out devoid of partisan politics which requires all Ghanaian stakeholders to plug in and push the nation forward continuously in this regard. The curriculum of our secondary and tertiary institutions needs to be revised to suit the agenda of a clearly spelt out national agenda for tech and innovation to bring our youth to speed in tech advancement and improvement. Hence the summit will be a forum where innovators will not only network with each other, but they also will be exposed to the opportunity to contribute to the discourse of accelerating digital transformation in Ghana, with policy makers, and stakeholders

Why Choose Us

THE OPPORTUNITIES: There are unlimited opportunities for involvement

This event is created to recognize the achievements of companies and entrepreneurs in Ghana that have accomplished great advances in the spaces of Technology and Innovation. BOP and TTV is committed to creating and delivering fresh and engaging programming throughout the year in support of Technology and Innovation advancements in Ghana. Events including exhibition, industry dialogues, workshops, global leadership programs and networking opportunities will provide on-going opportunities for co-branding and sponsorship.


  1. Network with tech influencers, champions, and community leaders in Ghana
  2. Gain insights and more knowledge about tech opportunities and exploits in Ghana
  3. Be seen and heard by an audience from different and diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  4. Tech will meet business. Get the chance to explore what tech solutions exist which will help add value to your business.
  5. Be part of the narrative that will bring more impact in Ghanaian Tech Ecosystem.
  6. Promote your business to a wide audience locally and internationally.